Financial Printing

Why is the financial printing industry known for extremely high invoices?

Mainly because the industry demands a higher rate for the work that they perform. They do this usually under very tight time constraints and always have no room for error.

The second reason is that often times a third party such an attorney or underwriter is making requests for services that end up on the final invoice

And lastly most companies know that during times when a document is in their shop they can get whatever they deem appropriate because the client has little or no choice but to get the project finished.

How is MFP different in this regard?

We will start with a firm estimate and then advise our clients when ever there has been a request that will alter that estimate - prior to completing the requested work. That way our clients are always apprised of the charges that they could incur.

How do your rates compare to other printing companies?

We as a general rule are less expensive than other financial printing companies. We, on occasion, will find that our prices are being compared to a printing or duplicating company that dabbles in financial printing and our prices are higher. These companies have not factored in their price the level of customer service that is usually necessary to do the job correctly and thus can offer a lower price. But with a low price there is a cost to the customer.

What is the usual turn around time once a project is released to print?

24 hours or less on financial printing projects.

Can MFP distribute the printed material?

Yes we have a full service distribution center that can handle a few packages up thousands of items.

At MFP, what can the art department accomplish?

MFP can handle a wide variety of design projects, from a business setup of business cards, letterhead and envelopes to sophisticated brochures, magazine ads and corporate identities.

What can't MFP handle?

This is a very tricky question and one that there may not be a clear answer to. However, the one area where we have limitations is in the area of typesetting. A project that would require a great number of typesetters working on a single multi-page document that has a tight deadline would better be placed at a national financial printing firm.

Are tight schedules a problem?

No - we are used to doing what some call "impossible".

When MFP gets a document to post to its website how long does it take before it can be viewed online?

The document is posted within 2 hours of a release and will always be posted to within the same day of receipt. In other words we will not go home for the evening without completing a posting.